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Meet our happy customers, who have found and got their dream job!

Working with CPH Career was a refreshing and motivating process, an eye-opener.

They ask the right questions, define goals and have a structured and motivating approach. After starting working with CPH Career I learnt to read and approach the job hunting and job adds in a new way, and to write CV and applications so they are meaningful and send a strong message. We additionally talked about unsolicited applications and meetings, as well as interviews. CPH Career provide useful examples and constructive feedback, and easily put themselves in shoes of who they are working with.

For me, working with CPH career was a crucial step in finding a job in Denmark.  

Vanja T.

At CPH Career Center I received the long-needed professional guidelines!

You all are probably aware that moving to another country and looking for a job can often turn into one hell of a ride, which is difficult to navigate through. That is why an advice from someone, who is familiar with local market conditions, business culture and best practices, can be very conducive along this journey as a foreigner.

At CPH Career Center I received the long-needed professional guidelines to best streamline my job-searching process, with the mere objective to find a job I will thrive with and further-develop my potential.

The consultancy I received was tailored-made to best help me present my skills, capabilities, experiences not only when writing CVs and cover-letters, but also during job interviews and career-networking. Consequently, I learnt how to make my profile responsive and appealing for the job I wanted. I learnt how to strategically tackle every interview I was called at, by answering thoughtfully to every question and task.

The most fruitful learnings from this consultancy were namely, to constantly work on myself, remain persistent and confident about my own choices, even when I do .

I can assure you, no matter how cliche this will sound – your hard work and positive attitude always pay off at the end. Invest in yourself and the desired results will not pass you by!

Social Media Manager at Hewlett Packard

I landed an interview the second day I’ve applied with my new CV

I’ve lost any hope that I will find a job in my domain. I believed I’ve tried everything. However, my trials were aimed at the wrong marked, how later I’ve learned. CCC not only helped me understand the market, but also myself. After so much time spent on applications without any answers, anyone’s confidence can drop. Mine was extremely low, at a point where all my good work experiences were outweighed by the numbers of turned down answers.

CCC helped me work on a better strategy of approaching job hunting. I was pleasantly surprised to land an interview the second day I’ve applied with my new CV.

I am so grateful for all the work and I would kindly recommend CCC to just anyone who thinks success might be for someone else.

Cristina N.

Motivation to keep going!

Looking for a job in a foreign country can be stressful and frustrating. Copenhagen Career Consulting has made me realize that the job search does not need to be painful, but it requires hard work. I got not only positive and concrete feedback on how to better structure my CV and how to adjust the cover letter to the job description, but also motivation to keep this work going. Copenhagen Career Consulting understands the Danish recruiting market culture, which is a crucial point for succeeding in getting a job in Denmark.

I got the interview I was aiming to and consequently got the job. 

Adriana Thomsen
DONG Energy

Encouraged me to do my best!

When you feel that finding a job it is impossible contact CCC – they will make it possible for you. With their help I found my dream job!

The best decision any job-seeker could make is to start their search by working with CCC. For more than a year I was trying to find a new job in Denmark and when I thought that finding a job in Denmark is impossible, I met CCC and got more help than I imagined possible. CCC helped me to successfully build my Cover letter and CV and to execute my interviews. CCC taught me what not to do in an interview, how to network in today’s job market, and encouraged me to do my best. CCC was always accessible whenever I had any questions or was feeling discouraged.

CCC gets my highest recommendation. Thank you very much, Copenhagen Career Consulting!

Ramona P.
British American Tobacco

I got the job!

I have reached out to Copenhagen Career Consulting to seek their advice on job interview preparation. CCC helped me on how to articulate my strengths during the interview. Their experience with recruitment processes specifically in Danish companies and providing professional guidance was invaluable to me.

I got the job, and I highly recommend them to active job seekers.


Hadi B.

Game changer for me!

Being successful in the job search process requires skills which can be quickly learned, if a professional teaches you. Copenhagen Career Consulting was not only a consultant to me, but also a mentor who helped me in getting focused and inspired through this journey.

Their approach is holistic: beyond learning how to prepare a competitive CV and cover letters, I also gained confidence, clear vision and positive expectations. CCC’s services were a game changer for me as I became aware of important shortcuts. After a couple of consultations things really took off.

I found a job within a month! This is one of my best investments so far. Highly recommended!

Finally got my now dream job!

The support from Copenhagen Career Consulting was absolutely fundamental in two moments of my professional life. The first guidance I obtained in my motivation letter in which they gave consistent insights and tailored my letter precisely according to the needs and description of the job position. Moreover, while I explained about my previous experiences, they excelled in adjusting all relevant points in an interesting manner. My second and also successful experience was at a job interview. Copenhagen Career Consulting helped me realize about all my personal strengths that we all job searchers end up overlooking. In addition, they posses a good knowledge about international corporations which can be helpful in understanding the key aspects that are looked for in a candidate.

The first guidance I received from CCC paved my path to pursue and finally got my now dream job!

Isabella D.
Novo Nordisk (Contracts Management)

This goal was reached and achieved in less than 2 months!

Using Copenhagen Career Consulting helped me realize that the job searching is not all about getting negative responses to job applications. Their advice has enabled me to better structure my CV and cover letter and I received tips and tricks about how to get to a job interview and how to act while at the job interview. The patience and understanding I received in the hours of consulting, guided me from a not so pleasant period (when I was not getting any positive response from the job ads that I was applying for) to the fascinating world of “interviews” – I was called for 3 interviews in a very short period and was offered a job in less than 2 months.

My objective was to have a better structured CV and cover letter that would catch the reader’s attention and get me to a face-to-face interview – and what can I say? This goal was reached and achieved in less than 2 months and all thanks to CCC’s great guidance!

I am thankful to CCC for coaching me in better understanding the Danish job search culture and for being there for me when I needed it most!

Silvia M.
Job Center Copenhagen (Administration)

Very supportive throughout the whole process!

I can highly recommend CCC. They have been very supportive throughout the whole process of finding a new job. Firstly from ensuring that they had a clear understanding of my skills and experiences to help me create a powerful but clear and simple CV and cover letter. Secondly to help prepare questioning for interviews by researching the companies and their needs.

Finally and most importantly questioning the positions that you are applying are right for you (to not necessarily taking the first job that comes along).

Will H.
Sr Risk Analyst, Danske Bank

Powerful magnets for job opportunities!

The Danish labor market is quite specific and some small tricks are needed to win over your future employer. Copenhagen Career Consulting (CCC) support proved essential for successfully finding and getting my current job. I had a couple of meetings and several correspondences by email, where we started with the basics of my CV and Application letter. The received advises, helped me transform my documents into powerful magnets for job opportunities.
Furthermore, CCC holistic approach provided me with great preparation for my job interview process, which ended successfully. Looking back at how I started and how I landed my job, I could say that Copenhagen Career Consulting made finding a good job, much easier and painless than it usually is.

I would gladly recommend their services to people who feel lost or demotivated of finding job.

Anton N.

Getting the job in less than a month!

I have met up with CCC a couple of times and they have not only given me some really relevant and practical professional tips, but also boosted my confidence, encouraged and supported me in a very friendly manner. One of the advises from CCC proved to be of paramount importance in my job-hunting, and after applying it, I have had amazing results, getting the job I was targeting in less than a month. Copenhagen Career Consulting has a thorough understanding of the Copenhagen labor market and of the Danish work culture. They are natural, sharp, motivated and motivational and I highly and kindly recommend them to anyone out there who is already tired in the job hunting jungle, or who is just kicking off the journey towards a new career.

Thank you once again, Copenhagen Career Consulting!

Anca L
Education Manager for Scandinavia, John Wiley and Sons

Brings out confidence in you!

CCC get my highest recommendation as career counselors and coaches. After finishing with my studies, I got help in preparing a professional CV. They do not only focus on the CV – with the way they approach the meeting it is really where it all begins, with self-exploration, career focus and strategy to make a professional profile. CCC made me rethink my strategy, strip down my CV and translate my previous experience into a professional skill set. During the process I figured out what types of work I am good at and I enjoy. CCC pushes you to be honest with yourself and brings out confidence in you. I ended up doing a lot of work on my own to appreciate the skills

I learned and landed a job that is my passion and I enjoy working with. CCC is a great mentor that you call when you need a career change, guidance or support.

Edita C.
Compliance Specialist, Sandoz